“Before I had the pleasure of receiving the 10 series of Rolfing, I had suffered from a sore back for 6 years since completing an Ironman triathlon, regular tension and soreness in my adductors after running, tension in my left thumb and tension and soreness in my jaw.

As I went through the 10 series my breathing capacity improved, the soreness and tension in my body was reduced by 95% and my body took on a new feeling of flow when I moved! I am particularly grateful to have had the pain in my back reduced so significantly and also to be almost pain free through the jaw area! Session 7 (the head) was my favorite (though the most painful) because I had had dental surgery due to a cycling accident 10 years ago and there was an incredible amount of releasing to be done in this area. Session 1 was also wonderful as it opened up my breathing capacity immensely!

I am thankful that Aaron Meiggs is practicing Rolfing in Montreal, not just for me, but also for the athletes I coach, many of whom have seen Aaron to deal with injuries and flexibility restrictions; they have all experienced excellent results through Rolfing!

Je suis reconnaissante à

Thank you Aaron for you amazing bodywork!”

Anastasia Polito

Owner of Energi Bath, Energi Fit and a former professional triathlete.




“As a professional musician who has been playing violin for over 25 years, combined with childhood scoliosis of the lower back, I came to believe that my scoliosis, exacerbated by my playing posture, was something I would have to live with for the rest of my life. Over that my rotated posture for years, I often remedied my recurring back aches and shoulder pains with massage therapy, physiotherapy or osteopathy. However, the relief was always temporary and over the years, the aches and pains were more present than ever.


I found Aaron Meiggs online and decided to meet with him in person to discuss my posture concerns. He is extremely personable and I felt instantly at ease with him. After experiencing the first three treatments, I knew that I wanted to complete the full 10 series.  Aaron is a specialist with a wealth of knowledge about the human body. He can describe the state of your muscles and tendons in your body and assess how well (or NOT) they are functioning. As he works on different muscles groups or body parts, he clearly explains WHAT he is doing and WHY he is doing it. There are no surprises, just new discoveries about your own body that you think you knew so well! The rolfing treatments are like that of an incredibly deep massage, but better. The results are more lasting. It is not painful (as I often hear when I say the word ‘rolfing to someone who is vaguely familiar with the term). The best word for me to describe it is ‘involved’ for both the client and the rolfer.  It’s incredible to see the differences in the AFTER posture from the BEFORE posture. I always feel much lighter on my feet, standing much taller and feeling so much more balanced, not to mention unbelievably relaxed.

Rolfing has benefited me in many ways. It has increased my awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of my body, and has enabled me to re-train the way I literally hold myself up every day. My body is in much better equilibrium than what it has been in the past. I would be lying if I said that I no longer suffer any more aches and pains, but they number fewer and they no longer preoccupy my mind from waking to sleep time. I most definitely attribute my posture wellness and greater freedom of mobility to my rolfing treatments with Aaron.”

Karen Bell

Trio Amore / Musicplanners




“Rolfing has been for me the miracle solution to get me through a stress-fracture in my foot during a very intense dance season. Aaron looked at my posture and could also tell the misalignment’s and weaknesses that my body had endured due to years of classical ballet dancing and other high demands of my career as a dancer. When I came to see him, I basically asked him to save my injured foot so that I could dance through my last shows on point shoes.  Not only did he help to ease the pain, therefore helping me to complete my dance contract with better motion in my foot, but he also began to work throughout all my body. The ten sessions gave my body a fresh start, like a new breath. Without really paying attention to it, I realized that I had also begun to breathe with greater ease and walk with much less pain in my lower back. Aaron would always explain the work he was doing in my fascia so that I could actually understand and gain a whole new approach to my posture and training. Rolfing has really helped me. Thank you!”

Hélène Robitaille

Professional dancer